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The Susquehanna Township School District is proud to provide transportation services to nearly 3000 students each school day. Our contracted service provider is Rohrer Bus Company, located in Duncannon, PA, with the depot servicing STSD located within the township on Progress Avenue. Students are requested to be at their bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the assignment time and must be waiting at the stop when the bus arrives.  

In accordance with the school district's Health and Safety Plan, all students are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask at the bus stop and on all district transportation. Please click on the links below to view the Board Approved Health and Safety Plan, the School District Transportation Policy, Ride 360 mobile app information, and the Student Transportation Form.


  1. New assignments will be available in the Ride 360 App. Hard copy transportation assignments are no longer provided. 
  2. To ensure the safety of our students, there could be up to a five-day waiting period during the school year for your change request to be completed.
  3. Summer change requests for the new school year should be submitted no later than August 1st. Changes received after this date are not guaranteed to be in place for the start of school.


Dyana Cooper

Transportation Specialist

STSD is proud to introduce our new interactive transportation software, Traversa Ride 360.

Traversa Ride 360 - Android

Traversa Ride 360 - iPhone

Transportation Documents