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The Susquehanna Township School District is proud to provide transportation services to over 3000 students each school day. Our primary contracted service provider is Rohrer Bus Company, located in Duncannon, PA, with the depot that services STSD being located within the township on Progress Avenue.

STSD Welcomes a Partnership with EverDriven Transportation
Many of you are already aware of the driver shortage school districts have been experiencing over the last several years, and Susquehanna Township SD is no exception. Because of this shortage, the school district has been carefully searching for ways to support our transportation provider Rohrer Bus Company. As a result of the search, we have entered into a partnership with the top-rated transportation company EverDriven.

EverDriven is a nationally known alternative student transportation provider. Together, we intend to provide students with a safe and secure transportation experience for those rare times when Rohrer Bus Company needs extra support.

If your student is to be transported by EverDriven, one of their team members dedicated to our district will reach out to you with all the details you need to feel secure. When you are contacted by EverDriven, you’ll want to download and set up the VIP app where you will see all of the pertinent information such as the driver’s name, vehicle make and model, pickup and/or drop-off times, and a click-to-call function to notify EverDriven if you need to cancel a trip.

This app is only used for students being transported by EverDriven. Click here to get started, VIP app: get started now - EverDriven.

  1. New assignments are available in the My Ride K-12 mobile app. Hard copy transportation assignments are no longer provided. 
  2. To ensure the safety of our students, there could be up to a five-day waiting period during the school year for your change request to be completed.
  3. Summer change requests for the new school year should be submitted no later than August 1st. Changes received after this date are not guaranteed to be in place for the start of school.
  4. Changes/new registrations received during the two weeks prior to the start of school may not be in place until after the first week of school.
  5. The bus driver will not allow your kindergartener off the bus unless a responsible adult is present with the coordinating K-Student ID# issued by the school office. In the event that a responsible adult is not at the stop in the afternoon, the driver will call the school and the school will place a call to you. If you do not respond immediately, your child will be brought back to school for you to pick up. The bus will not wait for the school to make contact with you. Continued failure to be present at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled drop-off time may result in the removal of transportation privileges. 
  6. Students in grades higher than kindergarten do NOT require an adult to be at the bus stop waiting for them to be dropped-off. Those students are required to disembark at their stop even if an adult has not yet arrived to meet them. It is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to make the student comfortable with disembarking on their own.
  7. Secondary school students are not transported to or from daycare providers. If your elementary student is moving up to the MS and had been attending a before or after-school daycare, their transportation will be updated and based on the primary household address.
  8. Students should be at their bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the assigned time and must be waiting at the stop when the bus arrives. 

Please click on the links below to view the School District Transportation Policy, My Ride K-12 mobile app information, and the Student Transportation Form.


Dyana Cooper

Transportation Specialist

STSD is proud to use the interactive transportation software and mobile app, Traversa My Ride K-12. This is where your student's transportation assignment is accessed.


Transportation Documents