• Name: Christina Jorich
    also available through DOJO
    Room Number:  ART 102
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    Welcome to Mrs. Jorich's Art Room!
     SL/AC families,
    Welcome to marking period 2!  For my six new 2nd grade classes you will come see me each day for the next 45 days in Art.  What we did the 1st marking period seemed to work smoothly and made it simple for ARA kiddos and parents alike!  I will send out 1 Seesaw lesson at the start of a project.  Usually a project takes about a week to complete.  When the project is due I send out an additional Seesaw with how to complete and submit your project for a grade.  I am flexible with how you send it to me.  You can either submit by Seesaw or Dojo and I will do my best to remind families if a kiddo does not hand something in through Dojo or in class.  Every Friday there will only be a Seesaw lesson, no Teams meeting for Art.  All art should be done the old fashioned way with paper and pencils, not on Seesaw, except the Friday lessons.  My biggest rule is this.......Please make sure your kiddos are doing the work themselves!  You are more than welcome to show them on a seperate piece of paper or even draw along side them, but I want them to be proud of their work and what they can do!
    Please know that my lessons are not set in stone if you are attending art from home.  I understand you may not have the materials and that sometimes our kiddos may not always be successful with each project, but also know this, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to ART!  You can be flexible and use whatever you have available to make the projects and I will do my best to send alternatives, but just know I understand and go with what you got!
    If you have any  questions or concerns please feel free to  reach out to me through email and especially DOJO.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Most projects will take about a week to complete so do not feel as though you need to rush to get things done in 1 day.  In fact I DO NOT want you to complete anything in 1 day unless it is a 1 day lesson!  Due dates will come at the end of the project, but if you need additional time please feel free to reach out to me and we can set up a time that will suit you .  I am flexible.                                                               
    Thank you for all of your understanding, flexibility, and boss like attitude!  You got this, you can do this, and if you can't remember what I tell our kiddos each and everyday........It's OK!
    Now let's get creative!