Academic English 12

  • Derrick Clemmer
    Room 210- STHS
    (717)657-5117 X42210
    Academic English
    2004      Pennsylvania State University
                  24 Graduate School Credits
                  Teaching and Curriculum
    1998      Pennsylvania State University
                  Bachelors of Humanities
                  Secondary English
    1983      Susquehanna Twp. HS
                  Graduating Alumnus

Honors English 12

  • Derrick Clemmer
    Room 210- STHS
    (717)657-5117 X42210
    Academic English
    2004      Pennsylvania State University
                  24 Graduate School Credits
                  Teaching and Curriculum
    1998      Pennsylvania State University
                  Bachelors of Humanities
                  Secondary English
    1983      Susquehanna Twp. HS
                  Graduating Alumnus







    Phone: (717) 657-5117 X42210

    While the school buildings are closed, we will continue to meet as a class at least once a week online via Teams. The first Class Meeting will be held on Wednesday 4/15 according to the schedule below.  Subsequent meetings will be held on Tuesdays. This schedule is subject to change as we all become more acclimated to this new learning environment. I will also be available every day during our regular class meeting time (as indicted by the schedule below). In addition, should students need help or have questions, they can arrange to meet with me during “Office Hours” Monday through Friday, during the hours posted in my Class Meeting Times /Office hours. If you wish to meet during "Office Hours," please email me as far in advance as possible so that I can make sure there are no conflicts with other scheduled meetings.

    The official class schedule is as follows:































    How It Will Work

    We will continue to use OneNote Class Notebooks for distribution of materials and both OneNote and for submission of completed assignments.

    Beginning on 4/14, you should continue to work out of the Senior Project Folder that is already set up in the Content Library). Within that tab will be new assignments posted for each new week. You are free to complete these any time of your choosing, but I will be available for questions/help only during our normal class meeting times (or during previously scheduled "Office Hours" meeting time).  As new content is introduced, I will announce that through Outlook and TEAMS as well as the lessons/activities that are posted in your OneNote folders- if all else fails CHECK ONENOTE!!!

    When a general class meeting is scheduled, you should receive an email notification with a link to that meeting- it will show up in our Outlook Calendar.. If you do not see an email, check your Outlook and/or Teams calendars to see the schedule. We will use Microsoft Teams for these and all other Class Meetings (group or individual).

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  • ENG 12 Syllabus





    Length: 36 weeks

    Periods per cycle: 6



    This English course provides a chronological emphasis on British literature with a thematic survey and/or study of related selections of British/World literature.  Writing Assignments/Essays/Projects that demonstrate a variety of techniques are based on literature read in class and sometimes outside of class.


    Critical Competencies:

    • Interpret and analyze literature of various genres (epic poetry/myth and legend/novel/drama)
    • Write a variety of expository essays/compositions and other forms of research-based writing
    • Complete a research-based project using a variety of sources on a specific topic
    • Create and Present a PowerPoint Project in Groups/Typed Outline and Works Cited Included
    • This will be a Collaborative, Research-Based Project on specific topic to be disclosed as needed
    • Demonstrate understanding of English grammar, spelling, punctuation and mechanics of writing using appropriate language/vocabulary for all formal/typed papers using MLA format
    • Apply good communication skills in speaking and writing individually and in groups


    Overview of Topics/Units: (the sequence of content covered may not be in the exact order as listed below.  Materials required will be indicated as needed, but most of the content and support materials will come from the text book- Prentice Hall Literature- The British Tradition).                                                       

    British Literature: Early English Literature/Arthurian Legend/Shakespeare/Romantic Poets and others

    From Legend to History: The Old English and Medieval Periods                                    

    Celebrating Humanity: The English Renaissance Period                                                 

    Turbulent Times: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries                                                      

    Rebels and Dreamers: The Romantic Period (Frankenstein by Mary Shelley)

    Progress and Decline: The Victorian Period                                                       

    A Time of Rapid Change: Modern and Postmodern Periods                                           

    Novel Project (TBD)

    Senior Project (COURSE REQUIREMENT FOR GRADUATION)                                                        

    Expanding Vocabulary and Improving Writing skills      



    • Complete a research project on an assigned topic, following all guidelines as outlined in the assignment and written in the correct MLA format. All formal writing assignments that require sources should be cited and submitted to TURNITIN.COM- more information on this process will be disclosed and shared as necessary. 
    • Create and present an Informative Speech/Presentation (a PowerPoint or Outline must be included).
    • Read at least two novels (one in class together and one independently from a selection TBD at a later date which will also require a typed paper on the literary analysis).
    • Maintain an average of at least 60% on all essays, tests, homework, and classwork assignments, in addition to any/all previously mentioned assignments.
    • Maintain an organized notebook/folder that includes homework assignments and class handouts (this is YOUR responsibility to keep and carry with you).
    • Keep a writing journal in class for classroom Collins Writing exercises
    • Bring your school issued laptop with you EVERY DAY unless otherwise instructed.
    • Demonstrate preparation for class through meaningful and appropriate contributions to class discussions as well as any group work.
    • Demonstrate improvement in communication skills in speaking and writing.


    1. Marking period grades are calculated using a total points system. Percentage grade will be calculated by dividing the number of points earned by the number of possible points.  Individual assignments, for example, may generally have the following point values:
    • Quizzes 40-50 points
    • Tests 100 points
    • Essays 100 points
    • Homework Assignments 10-40 points
    • Classwork Assignments 10-40 points
    • Research Paper (Senior Project) 200 points
    • Miscellaneous Projects (Group Work) 100 points


    Assignments submitted late will be penalized for every day the assignment is late.  Students with an excused absence will be given a fair/reasonable amount of time to submit work missed (i.e., a student who is absent [excused] for one day will usually be given one extra day to make up work without penalty). Please refer to STSD School Board Policy #4033 regarding Academic Honesty/Integrity.  PLEASE READ, SIGN and RETURN POLICY with SIGNED SYLLABUS.

    1. Grade for the year will be calculated as an average of the grades for the four marking periods (80%) and the midterm/final examination (20%).


    Teacher’s Expectations:

    Students are expected to:

    • Be on time and prepared for class (please try to bring your own pens/pencils).
    • Show good interpersonal skills in building relationships, cooperation, decision-making, creativity, time management, appropriate language/behavior and following directions.
    • Approach the teacher at a time convenient for both teacher and student to obtain any missed work, class notes, handouts,
    • Approach the teacher with questions or concerns about the calculation of grades of disciplinary action after school. Class time will not be allocated for such matters.
    • Complete class assignments in class. In addition, students are expected to complete assignments for other classes on their own time, not during this class.
    • Show respect for fellow students and the teacher at all times and follow rules in the student handbook.
    • Cell Phones should only be used at the teacher’s discretion for educational purposes during class.


    A Final Note:


    I am available for help outside class before and after school on most days and at other times as necessary.  Please make an appointment with me if you need help or have questions.  Please call or email if you or your parents have questions or concerns. X42210 or 


    Please sign on the following lines provided and have your parent(s)/guardian(s) sign as well to indicate your understanding of the expectations for English 12 with Mr. Clemmer:




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