• Joseph C. Headen 
    Room 203
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    About Me
    I have 24 years of  teaching and coaching experience.. 

     All Teachers/Coaches take pride in working with the future CEO’s, leaders and mothers/fathers of our communities. Coach Headen spends a great deal of his time reminding young athletes  of these iimportant CORE VALUES to Keep it R.E.A.L, meaning to take
    RESPONSIBLITY for your actions.
    EDUCATION is the main reason you come to school
    ATTITUDE have a great attitude
     LEADER be a leader we have enough folowers.

    If a young student/athlete can learn to accept these characteristics it is then and only then will they understand what it truly means to
    KEEP it R.E.A.L.
     Class Room Expectations

    Mr. Headen’s Classroom Expectations


    1.      Disrespecting the teacher will not be tolerated.

    a.       Being written up by a guest teacher will result in an automatic 3 hour detention.


    2.      Do not talk while the teacher is talking.

    a.       When the teacher is at the podium or in front of class, all talking will cease.

    b.       Do not ask to go to the bathroom or interrupt class when the teacher is talking.


    3.      Foul language will result in a detention.

    a.       The class will receive a warning on the first day of school, and detentions will be issued afterwards.


    4.      Raise your hand & be recognized before speaking in class.


    5.      Remain seated at all times & raise your hand for permission to get up

    a.       Do not get out of your seats until the bell rings for dismissal


    6.      Treat other students the way you want to be treated.


    7.      Students are not to have food, drink, candy or gum in class.


    8.      Electronic devices are not to be seen or heard in class.


    9.      Headgear, coats and jackets are not allowed in class.


    10.  Students Must follow proper procedure to leave the classroom.

    a.       Do not ask for a pass to the bathroom during the first 5 min and last 5 min of the class.

    b.       Do not ask to go to the bathroom while I am lecturing or giving instructions.

    c.    Students will scan out of the class room using the QR code provided at the door.

    d.    Only one student will be allowed to leave the room at a time.