• Mr. D. Shenk
    Room: 301

    Welcome to Math with Mr. Shenk!
    I look forward to a year of learning with you.  We will work hard together, learn some useful and important things, and I hope we will have some fun along the way, too!
    Some things you may like to know about me...
    • I was born in Ethiopia and lived there until I was 11.
    • I taught English, Math, Geography, and IT in Djibouti and Tanzania, East Africa.
    • I have been charged by an elephant and a rhino!
    • I have been swiped at by a lion -- thankfully he only grabbed my camera bag!
    • I climbed Kilimanjaro with my son in June 2017.
    • I have been happily married for 33 years!
    • I have four children, all adopted. 
    • I have one adorable, active grandson and a cute granddaughter!
    • I graduated from Eastern Mennonite University, and received further education from Millersville and Penn State Universities.
    • I enjoy biking, running, playing/watching 'real football', and photography.