• Welcome to 3rd grade!
    Mrs. Hassinger 
    Room 102 
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  • Name: Mrs. Cindy Hassinger
    Room Number: 102

    Meet Mrs. Hassinger
    I always enjoy asking, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  Today, the possibilities are endless!  When I was asked that question, my only memory as to my response was, "A teacher!"  I have always enjoyed learning - and teaching provides me the opportunity to teach and continue to learn right along with my students!
    As a graduate of Texas Tech University, I accepted my first teaching position as a 2nd grade teacher.  A few years later, an opportunity moved my husband and I to North Carolina, where I taught 3rd grade and then 1st.  We welcomed our two daughters to our family during this time - which prompted us to move to Pennsylvania to be closer to family.  Since then, I have been teaching at Susquehanna Township - 18 years as a 1st grade teacher, 3 years as a 5th grade teacher, and now enjoying being a 3rd grade teacher!.  During this time I also earned my Master's Degree in Teaching and Curriculum with a specialization in Early Childhood at Penn State University.
    Some things I love - my family, warm days, being outside, getting my hands in the dirt, some quiet moments, and good friends.
    Some things I don't like - shoveling snow, endless cold days, and running out of time!