• 2019 STSD School Board  

    Susquehanna Twp. School District board members are, from left:

    first row: Ilecia Voughs, Vice PresidentJohn F. Dietrich; Jesse Gantt, President; Josie Byzek, Secretary

    second row: Julieann Newill; Kyla Harvey; Michael Cohen; Jesse Rawls, Sr.; Scott W. Campbell


    Current Board of School Directors
    Jesse Gantt...............President (term expires 2021)
    Ilecia Voughs.............Vice-President (term expires 2023)
    Josie Byzek...............Secretary (term expires 2021)

    Majid Ali (term expires 2021)
    Scott W. Campbell
    (term expires 2021)
    Michael Cohen (term expires 2023)
    John Dietrich (term expires 2023)
    Julieann Newill (term expires 2023)
    Jesse Rawls, Sr. (term expires 2021)
    A nine-member board of School Directors is responsible for the operation of the Susquehanna Township schools. The School Board delegates administrative responsibilities to the Superintendent of Schools who, in turn, delegates to the administrators such responsibilities as the proper performance of their duties may require.

    Members of the Board serve without pay and are elected to four-year terms on a staggered basis. They are elected at-large on the first Tuesday in November in each odd numbered year, and they take office on the first Monday in December, following their election. In the event a member resigns between elections, the successor is appointed by the remaining members of the Board to serve only until the next School Board election.
    The school board meets at 7 p.m. twice a month in the district administrative office unless otherwise noted. Meetings in 2020 will be listed here, on the district website calendar and advertised in the media.

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