Stack of Books

    Tutoring Initiative
    sponsored by

    Susquehanna Township School District


    Striving for Excellence

    Program Developers: Ardee Burno and Johnnie Simms

    Purpose: To provide academic support to middle and high school students of the Susquehanna Twp. School District.

    Where: The Keiser-Fearen Library Media Center at Susquehanna Twp. High School.

    When: 5:30-7:30 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Facilitation: James Jones, retired district safety and transition coordinator, coordinates Striving for Excellence. He can be contacted at strivingforexcellence@hannasd.org STSD Volunteer Program members are available to help students with homework.

    Volunteer Program:  Adults from the community wishing to join the Volunteer Program for Striving for Excellence and other opportunities should contact Daphne Champagne, program  coordinator, at hannavolunteer@comcast.net. Those seeking to join the Volunteer Program must attend an orientation and provide a negative tb test result, criminal and abuse clearances, and an arrest/conviction report and certification form. They must also complete an STSD-designated training regarding child abuse recognition and reporting.

    Procedure: Principals, teachers, counselors, parents, and coaches will recommend assistance to those students experiencing academic difficulty in one or more major subjects. All students must sign in on arrival and will be directed to the appropriate station depending on request/needs. All students will sign out prior to leaving . The coordinator will be on-site for all sessions and will report attendance statistics to the assistant superintendent.

    Materials: Students should bring textbooks and assignments with them. Teacher editions will be provided at the request of volunteers as available through the district office and/or publishing companies.  An inventory of books will be maintained in the library. Students will use computers in the library for research and print work from library printers. Volunteers will assist students with the following:

    Math courses: Basic Math, Basic Algebra, Algebra I, II, III, Integrated Algebra I & II, Geometry

    Science courses: Science, Environmental Science, Biology, Physics, Earth and Space Science

    English courses

    Social Studies courses

    Business and Education courses

    Modern Languages - Spanish

    Communication: Information about Striving for Excellence will be available on the District website through the middle and high schools, announced on WHIP/WAVE broadcasts to students and shared in printed school bulletins and online communications to parents/staff. The coordinator’s email strivingforexcellence@hannasd.org is available to disseminate messages between teachers, parents and volunteers . A calendar containing volunteer scheduling with subjects available each evening will be posted on the Striving for Excellence page for students, parents, staff, and volunteers at hannasd.org.

    Additional Resources: Tutoring, provided by STSD professional staff or through community resources, is also available for students needing academic assistance. Go to hannasd.org or contact guidance offices for more information.