purple blooms It's the little details that are vital.

    Little things make big things happen.

    - John Wooden

    • Those little things we do each day,
    • whether at school or at home,
    • later add up to big things for us
    • and those around us. 



    The purple flowers pictured are only about a centimeter across. As "weeds" they are living in a rock bank at the side of my yard. When I zoomed in to look at their detail on the picture, I was amazed!

    Little details are vital - Let's make every little bit count!





    Mrs. Michele Mutch Yeagy, M.Ed.
    Reading Specialist
    Room 129
    phone 657-5158, ext 222129
    email myeagy@hannasd.org 

    About Me
    With over 30 years in teaching, it's a privilege to share my passion for Literacy as a Reading Specialist here at Holtzman. Our District's rich diversity and reputation for excellence attracted me years ago.  I will continue working toward that standard.  Outside of school you can find me with my husband, Steve, and our dog, Chipper. This year I plan to become a beekeeper - notice it's just me doing this venture.  Steve will be steering clear of the hives, awaiting the delicious honey the bees will be producing.  Feel free to ask questions!!