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    Room 217 ARA Virtual Schedule
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    School Phone: 717-657-5122 (try my ext. 12217 and if I am unavailable, call the Main Office to leave a message for me OR simply call 717-657-5122 and press 2 to directly call the office).
    School Email: bpendelton@hannasd.org 

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    All About Me

    My name is Brittany (Foor) Pendelton, and I am your child's First Grade Teacher! I have been an Educator for almost 13 years now! I began my career in the Harrisburg School District while student-teaching during my final semester of college at Shippensburg University. I was a 2nd Grade Student Teacher at Scott School. Less than a month after graduating from Shippensburg University (December 2008) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education (K-6) and a minor in History, I was hired full-time as a 1st Grade Teacher at Lincoln School (also in Harrisburg School District).  My very FIRST DAY of teaching was actually the day I turned 23 (January 27, 2009). I taught 1st Grade at Lincoln School for 1 ½ years until the school closed. I then taught Kindergarten for the 2010-2011 school year at Downey School in Harrisburg (the same year I had my daughter, Malaia). My final year in Harrisburg was the 2011-2012 year when I was a Reading Interventionist for grades K-4 at Scott School (the school where I was a Student Teacher). 

    After the busy 2011-2012 school year, I graduated from Cabrini College with my Master of Education Degree and Reading Specialist Certification, and I accepted a position as Reading Specialist at the K-4 elementary school in the Upper Dauphin Area School District (UDA). I worked at UDA for 2 ½ years until leaving to come to Susquehanna Township as K-2 Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach. I became the 10th Kindergarten Teacher here at SL/AC during the 2016-2017 school year, and soon after, I returned to where I began my teaching career. . .FIRST GRADE! I am SUPER excited that I am teaching First Grade again, and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you (the families) and all of the brilliant, little learners I have this year! : )

    I am also a parent and resident of Susquehanna Township. I live with my daughter, Malaia (who is in 4th Grade at TWH this year) and my husband, Marchand. We were married in August 2015 and so far, we LOVE it here in Susquehanna Township! It is very exciting to teach children of friends, neighbors, and fellow Hanna residents. Besides teaching, I enjoy reading, writing poetry, baking, swimming, teaching Sunday School, running/walking, and watching Malaia in her ballet class. I am happy that I have this wonderful opportunity to be back in First Grade (my favorite) and to get to know each and every one of the students’ hopes, dreams, interests, and goals. I am sure that I will learn just as much from your children as I hope they learn from me!


    Mrs. Pendelton


    COVID Update (March 2020). . . 

    Virtual Learning Information

    My Contact Information and Preferred Method of Communication: Please message me with any questions, concerns, or any other needs through Class DOJO at www.classdojo.com. DOJO is my preferred method of communication during the school closure, and I do check my messages at least 1-2 times per day.
    If you are not connected via DOJO, please feel free to email my school email address: bpendelton@hannasd.org .
     Mondays through Thursdays
     School is in session physically or through All Remote Access (ARA).
    Virtual Fridays (school is online only every Friday)
    Independent Practice or Make-Up Day: Use this day to catch up or complete any unfinished Seesaw assignments from the week, OR use it for extra practice and enrichment opportunities. I will use Fridays to work with individual students or small groups via Microsoft Teams.
    Additional Resources for Enrichment or Practice (not required): Practice free writing and/or handwriting at anytime at home, practice math skills on your Prodigy Math app or site, visit my YouTube page for mini-lessons to enrich or support you as needed, or try some online website links or free printable resources from right here- on my teacher website! For online books, go to Epic, Capstone Library, or use your student ID to check out free online books through the Dauphin County Library System.
    PLEASE NOTE: All student independent and Friday assignments will be provided through ONLINE ONLY through the Class Seesaw app or website. Any live student meetings, virtual learning, and/or parent conferences/meetings will take place VIRTUALLY this year through Microsoft Teams. Class DOJO is the primary source of communication for me, and the district uses the Campus Parent Portal to send important communication.Please check DOJO messages daily for important information from me. Also, if you would like additional resources to enrich or provide extra support for your child, please check out my website links and resources tab for a TON of FREE literacy activities you can download and print to work on at home! Also, please feel free to visit my teacher YouTube channel for additional math mini-lessons and read aloud stories to keep you enriched and (hopefully) entertained! I hope to see you all soon! -Mrs. Pendelton 
    *My YouTube channel: Mrs. Pendelton’s YT channel (my YT name is Mrs. OldSchoolMario) 
    Do you still have questions?
    raising hands   
    *See below for additional information and resources. . .
    First Grade FAQs
    Is there homework in First Grade?
    *COVID-19 Update: Due to the pandemic, I will limit the amount of shared paper/pencil assignments in school and at home. Homework will be posted weekly and will be all virtual. I will share weekly assignments on Class Seesaw and students may work on those throughout the week or on their Virtual Fridays at home.
    Yes- there will be homework as per school policy. Now, the homework will be reasonable and relevant to what the child is learning. Most often, the homework will be a question or two relating to the math lesson. In addition to any math homework, the students are to practice learning their sight words, spelling words, and to practice reading with you each night (books will be sent home each night along with a bookmark for you to date & initial). *Please check your child's Take-Home Folder every night. . .even if they tell you they do not have homework. : ) All homework and important reminders will be posted on DOJO (via message) daily so PLEASE make sure you are connected to the class on: ClassDOJO .
    PLEASE NOTE: Although practicing sight words, spelling words, and reading every night are WONDERFUL ways to help students become confident, fluent, and independent readers and writers, these "extra" activities are NOT mandated by the school or by me. I do expect students to complete and return their math homelink each day it's sent home, but I prefer NOT to"force" students to do any homework- especially when it's reading or practicing spelling/writing at home. I do NOT want the students to view literacy (or math) negatively, as "must-do" chores. I prefer that the students WANT to read and share their book with you, or WANT to practice their new words by playing a game with you.
    WIth that being said, reading and writing at home helps children to build confidence and motivation UNTIL is becomes  frustrating or "hard work." Please keep this in mind when your child asks you to listen to him/her read their book to you. If you take the time to listen to your child read to you (or read to your child), please be sure to sign his or her bookmark with your INITIALS and the DATE. I check off the bookmarks every morning and once I add the 10th checkmark to the bookmark, your child will get to drop their bookmark into our SUPRISE READING RAFFLE for a chance to win a FREE book or bookmark to KEEP!! My goal is to motivate children and to create independent, lifelong readers and learners. : )
    What are the school-wide rules?
    *For a link to the behavior matrix our school uses, please see my "Class Rules" page of my teacher site. 
    Be Safe
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    *After I create a general set of classroom rules WITH the students, I will send our classroom rules home with your child so they may share and discuss them with you. 
    When are Parent-Teacher Conferences?
    Parent-Teacher Conferences are held virtually after the 1st Marking Period ends, on Tuesday, November 3 between 12:00 PM to 7:30 PM. You will receive your conference sign-ups and more information when the time comes. 
    Whom do I contact to volunteer to chaperone for field trips or help with school parties?
    *NO field trips until further notice. 
    To help with field trips, field day, or holiday parties, you must first contact Patricia Green at Human Resources located in the District Office building (717-657-5100) or Lori Sheinvold with the Hanna Foundation. She will provide you with information regarding the clearances you need to volunteer or chaperone. After contacting Patricia Green with any questions you have regarding clearances, contact our wonderful PTO (they also have a link on the district website) about helping with holiday parties or Mr. Lupia (our Gym Teacher) about helping with Field Day. I will send out information regarding field trip chaperones when that time approaches.
    What are some great at-home activities I could do with my child?
    Please feel free to check out some of the literacy resources available (here) on my page (see the Resources tab on my teacher page menu or continue scrolling below). There are many helpful resources for both parents and children. I will also be sending home a monthly newsletter with an activity for each month (or a list of fun activities) you could also try at home.


    Thanks again for visiting my website! 

    heart love  Mrs. Pendelton




     What do we learn in First Grade?

    *Click on the monthly Newsletters tab to see our monthly Room 217 newsletter links! 






    red delicious apple
    open book   LITERACY RESOURCES writing


    Educational Information and Interesting Articles to Share:  


    GREAT Online Resources and Websites:
    Reading Rockets > go to http://www.readingrockets.org/
    Read Write Think > go to http://www.readwritethink.org/
    Starfall (Early Learning, Reading Readiness, and Emergent Reading Activities) > www.starfall.com 
    Into the Book (a FREE fun and engaging website that allows students to read and interact with different levels of text and apply various comprehension strategies to make sense of stories and articles on a deeper level) > https://reading.ecb.org/
    Lexia (use my email bpendelton@hannasd.org and your child's Lexia login to access) > https://www.lexiacore5.com/register



     The Building Blocks of Literacy 

    Phonological Awareness/Phonemic Awareness 












    *See below for more on each of the major Building Blocks of Literacy. . .



    Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Awareness, & Oral Language  


    Phonological Awareness Instruction GUIDE


      Phonological Awareness Activities from GREAT Online Website

    Alphabetic Principle, Phonics, Decoding (Word-Solving) Strategies, Encoding (Word-Work & Spelling)  


    95 Percent Group Phonics Continuum



    Alphabet & Alphabetic Principle Activities


    25 Ways to Use Magnetic Letters


    Alphabet Linking Chart with SHORT Vowels Only


    Alphabet Linking Chart with Short and Long Vowels  



    Other Word-Solving and Phonics Learning Activities: 


    Fun Activities to Help Students with Word Reading


    More Learning Activities and Strategies for Word Solving and Phonics



    Follow the Path:
    Follow the Path Game Instructions

    Follow the Path Template for Word Games FLOWERS

    Word Patterns:


    Using SYLLABLES to Solve Words: 




    Solving BIG and Challenging Words


    Syllable Activities from Florida Center for Reading Research



    Syllable Patterns: 


    Closed Syllables


    Open Syllable


    Magic e or Silent e Syllable


    Double Vowel Team Syllable


    Consonant -le Syllable


    Bossy R Syllable



    Short Vowels: 


    Short Vowel Keywords




    Long Vowels:   


    Long Vowel LOTTO





    Fluency Activities from Reading Resources website

    *Check out ReadingResources.net for more fun literacy ideas! 


    Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) Fluency Resources:  


    FCRR Fluency Phrases Set 1


    FCRR Fluency Phrases Set 2







    Vocabulary Word Pyramid 


    Word Association Graphic Organizer


    My Word Meaning Graphic Organizer


    My Connection to the Word Graphic Organizer Vocab


    Prefix and Suffix Cards


    Checkers with Affixes


    Reading Comprehension  

    Comprehension Strategies from 95% Group






    Making Connections GRAPHIC ORGANIZER Activity 




    Predicting Strategy Description


    Predicting Graphic Organizer  




    Questioning Comprehension Strategy
    BDA Questions Activity




    VISUALIZING Comprehension Strategy


    Visualizing Activity PDF





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