Ms. Christine Ross, M. Ed. 
    Mathematics Teacher
    Head Softball Coach
    Room 313
    Other roles at STHS:
    SAP Team Member
    PBIS Team Member
    SEL Cohort Member
    OBPP Team Member
    DD Team Member

    All students have received Outlook & Teams invites to all of my office hours and "synchronous" learning classes.  Students should attend as needed to ensure their success.  To access "live" sessions, click the "Join" button in Teams, and access will be granted.
    Students should access Teams AND OneNote for all assignments, course content, upcoming assessments, etc.
    Instruction will be delivered through teacher-created video recordings.  Videos will be posted in Teams & OneNote.  "Live" sessions will be used to answer questions and to work with students, providing additional examples and instruction as students see fit.
    All weekly assignments are due by the end of the week (day and time determined by admin) and must be received in order to be marked "PRESENT" for the week's attendance for your class
    Students should reach out via email at cross@hannasd.org or in Teams.
    Happy Learning!