• Welcome to Mrs. Bennett's 3rd Grade Classroom!
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    About Me
    Welcome to Thomas Holtzman! I am very excited to have you in my class this year. This is my 3rd year at Thomas Holtzman. I am looking forward to having a fun and exciting year with all of my students.
    Other than teaching, some of my hobbies include hiking, fishing, making crafts, camping, and kayaking on the river. As you can tell, I love the outdoors! I also have a few pets. My dog's name is Duke, he is an Irish Setter/Golden Retriever mix. I also have 2 cats named Milo and Luna. Last but not least, I have 12 chickens! 

    Third grade is a lot of fun and you will learn a ton of interesting things. I consider my classroom and my students as my second home and family. I will respect each one of you and I expect the same respect in return. I will make sure that all of you succeed this year. I want you to come to school prepared to join my family and be ready to learn. I guarantee that if you are willing to participate and do your best this year will be a great one. 

     My dog Duke and my cat Milo.                 My chickens!              Duke at the beach!
    Milo!                  I love to go fishing!