•  Dance Chaperone Guidelines

    The goal of the chaperones is to provide an enjoyable, safe evening for the students.  Let's discipline with kindness and let them have fun!

    Chaperone jobs include:

    • Staff the food and beverage table
    • Help with check-in
    • Help ensure all students leave with an adult at the end of the dance
    • Monitor doorways
    • When dances are in the gym, make sure students don’t take food or beverages into the gym
    • Float throughout the dance and restroom areas

    The following are guidelines for monitoring student behavior:

    • Prevent unsafe behaviors such as:
      • standing on or jumping off the bleachers
      • excessive running
      • hitting or bullying
      • Stop inappropriate dancing such as grinding
      • Break up large circle groups if they appear unsafe
      • Make sure students do not leave/go outside during the dance

     The principals attend every dance, so behavior problems can be brought to their attention or to the attention of one of the dance committee members.

    Our members are:

    Joyce Powers, Marielle Hazen, Susan Evans, Brenda Caruso, Sheila Ciotti and Cindy Hartman

    Thanks for your help and support!!  We couldn’t do it without you!!