• Welcome! I am Mrs. Rose-Brooks. I am new to Susquehanna High School this year as a 9th grade English teacher. However, I am in the 16th year of my teaching career. I previously taught at the Chambersburg Area Senior High School for 15 years. As a native to Susquehanna, I am pleased to be back at my old stomping grounds to educate our youth. I myself graduated from Susquehanna in 98'. I have a son who graduated from Susquehanna in 2018, a daughter who will graduate this spring, another daughter in 7th grade and a son in 2nd grade. My family and I love this community and this district. 

    I received my bachelor's degree from West Virginia University in 2002, studying English with a double minor in Communications and Creative Writing. I then received my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Shippensburg University on 2004. 

    I have previously taught Speech, Information Communicationa and Technology, British Literature, American Literature, World Literature, Creative Writing, Research and Senior Reaing and Writing Seminar. 

    This year, my schedule is as follows: 


    Schedule 2019-2020



    Online Learning Information During School Closure

    If you have any questions, please contact me at:


    Office Hours:

    Monday - Thursday 8:30- 9:15

    Friday 9:00 to 10:00 and 1:00 to 2:00

    To access me during office hours, please email me directly in advance to set up an appointment. I will then send you a link to join a virtual call to discuss the feedback or answer any questions you may have.


    Class Schedule for Synchronous Days





    1 English 9



    2 English 9



    3 Prep



    4 Honors English 9



    5 Lunch



    6 English 9



    7 Honors English 9



    8 English 9



    9 English 9





    • Synchronous Instruction (instruction live with a teacher and peers) using either Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom
    • Asynchronous Instruction (independent work sent out each Friday for the following week with the option to check in with a teacher during his/her office hours) using Microsoft Notebook

    In this model, students may choose which instruction works best for them. For example, a student may choose to complete Biology asynchronously because he/she feels comfortable with the content, but may need to go to Geometry synchronously because he/she needs to watch the lesson live with the teacher. To clarify, a student may choose to jump back and forth between modes of instruction depending on what his/her needs are daily/weekly.

    Regardless of which mode of instruction students pick, they must engage in learning and complete the assigned work each week because we will be taking attendance and grading assignments beginning Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Students will receive daily attendance credit for course work completed. Grades and feedback for students will be awarded based on the mastery of the content for the work submitted.


    English Class wil be conducted through Microsoft Teams