• Online Learning Information During School Closure

    The best way to contact me is through school email: avaughn@hannasd.org

    Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 8:30-9:15

                           Friday 9:00-10:00 AM and 1:00-2:00 PM

    Class Schedule for Synchronous Days: 




    Honors MWH Period 1



    Psychology Period 3



    Honors MWH Period 5



    Psychology Period 6



    Psychology Period 7



    Honors MWH Period 8



    Psychology Period 9



    New Learning Procedures:

    We will be utilizing Teams and the Class Notebooks in Teams to continue our learning sequence. Assignments will be pushed out through the Assignments tab in Teams and will need to be uploaded there for grading. In the Class Notebook you should go to the Agendas section in each unit after 3 pm on Fridays for an updated list of requirements and a projection of the next week’s learning objectives. If you have technical problems, please see the Virtual Distance Learning section with videos in the Class Notebook for help tips created by high school teachers on how to fix any technically issues you may have with Teams or Class Notebooks.

    Additionally, I will use Teams to conduct live class sessions every week Monday - Thursday based on the period schedule above. Please check your Teams/emails for the link to join those classes. Students may choose to attend the live sessions or simply work asynchronously following the due dates posted in their weekly agenda; if you choose not to join the live sessions please do not expect me to hold an individual session or explain in an individual email what all you missed; it is not possible for me to do that for each student.  Weekly agendas will be posted in OneNote.  Please read the directions for each individual assignment to see how to submit it.




    St. Augustine

    Ms. Amy Vaughn

    Susquehanna Township High School

    Honors Modern World History and Psychology

    Room 206








    I was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, PA. After playing with the idea of being a teacher (and a vet...and a marine biologist...and a musician), I finally decided to become the next Indiana Jones and study archaeology at Lycoming College. I traveled to the island of Cyprus twice to work on an archaeological dig (the bottom two pictures are from various sites in Cyprus). After I graduated, I completed a year of Master's work in classics at Villanova University before FINALLY coming full circle and realizing I wanted to be a teacher.


    After graduating with my Master's degree in education from Kutztown University, I was a substitute for multiple school districts while also working part time at a nursing home. In the fall of 2018, I was lucky enough to return to the school where I student taught as a long-term substitute for one of the health and phys. ed. teachers...not exactly what I had been prepared for, but very enjoyable all the same. Then, the following spring, I returned to the high school I attended as a long-term substitute in world history. I began teaching at Susquehanna Township High School in October of this year, and I am beyond happy to be here!


    Traveling, reading, listening to new music, baking...these are a few of my favorite things!


    I am SO excited for whatever the rest of this school year brings. See you when I see you!