Welcome to HANNA Cyber Academy

  • Susquehanna Township School District (STSD) now provides an online learning opportunity for students called HANNA Cyber Academy. HANNA Cyber Academy is a collaborative effort between the Capital Area Online Learning Association (CAOLA) and STSD. HANNA Cyber Academy’s web-based courses meet the increasing demand for high quality learner instruction that incorporates proven online learning practices and next generation software. Enrolling in HANNA Cyber Academy means learners will have the opportunity to experience flexible and non-traditional learning options with individualized pacing.

    HANNA Cyber Academy can serve as either a full-time cyber option for learners or as a “blended” part-time option to enhance course offerings in our regular educational program. Learners will be exposed to curriculum that is aligned to PA State Standards, is rigorous, and has an emphasis on 21st century skills. Full-time HANNA Cyber Academy students are afforded the opportunity to select a curriculum to fit their needs, earn a STHS Diploma, take part in STSD extra-curricular activities, participate in STSD co-curricular offerings, and attend STSD school events/functions (if they continue to meet eligibility requirements for academics and behavior).

    If you are interested in being a full-time HANNA Cyber Academy student, part-time student, or just picking up one or two online courses, please contact your school counselor.