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Forms & Eligibility

PIAA Forms

Please only complete sections 1-6 of this document

This packet is for students participating in their 2nd or 3rd interscholastic sport for the school year.  This form does NOT need to be completed by a doctor unless you are instructed to do so by the athletic trainer.



Are you intending to participate in collegiate sports?

If you are planning to participate in collegiate sports, you must register with the NCAA.  To do so, please visit the NCAA Eligibility Website at

Students must meet academic and amateurism standards set by the NCAA membership to compete in Division I or II. At Division III schools, students must meet the admission standards set by the school for all incoming students and amateurism standards set by the NCAA membership.

To register for Division, I or Division II scroll down the left side of the page to “Create an Account”. To register for Division III, scroll down the right side of the page “Create a Profile Page”.

Cost to register is $80 unless you are eligible for a Fee Waiver. Please note: NCAA Fee Waivers are only granted if you used a Fee Waiver for the SAT or ACT this school year.

If there any questions in regards to required courses to take in the High School, students/parents should contact their high school counselor. 

NCAA Information

Click HERE for free, helpful information about the college athletic recruiting process. 

Please click HERE for an excellent resource from the NCAA regarding managing student-athletes' mental health issues.

Click HERE for the 2023-24 NCAA Guide for College-Bound Student-Athletes

Click HERE for directions to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center


Starting April 1, 2017 students who plan to enroll full time at an NCAA Division I or II school this fall will be able to request their final amateurism certification. Students must have a registered Certification Account and an enrollment period of Fall 2017 to request. You can find more information about amateurism certification on our website and check out this step-by-step guide if you have questions about how to request. If students need to update their enrollment period they can do so easily in their account.