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Our District

Welcome to the Susquehanna Township School District! Our vision statement is World Class. Every Day. In Every Way. This means that we are committed to making this district #1 in all that we do. From the way we teach our students to the way we greet visitors who enter our schools, we want to be the best because we believed that our students deserve the best! Our mission is The Success of Every Learner. That means that we share the responsibility with parents, partners, for the success of every student. We expect nothing less.

One of our Core Values is Our Diversity is our Strength and our staff educates over 2,800 students that come from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds. We work hard provide our students with the tools necessary to create and collaborate as 21st century learners. Our curriculum and instruction teams focus on delivering content that will help to support students achieve their goals whether they are college bound or headed directly into the work force. The district’s business, teacher and parent advisories, as well as our partnerships with local colleges and universities ensure that we are meeting the rapidly evolving needs of our students and the demands of a global workplace.

We are also committed to demonstrating the integrity and ethical behavior that we hope to instill within our students. To that end, we strive to maintain a culture of transparency and open communication for the benefit of our community, our district and our students.

We recognize that world class is a goal toward which we strive. Our Journey of HOPE (Hanna’s Organizational Performance Excellence) and our strategic plan are the mechanisms by which we intend to achieve our vision for every child, K-12.

The Success of Every Learner

Our Mission

World Class. Every Day. In Every Way. 

Our Vision

Core Values

Every learner has the right to a world class education.

We will be a leader in innovation and technology.

The learning environment must be safe and supportive.

Our diversity is our strength.

Community partnerships are vital to our success.

We will act ethically at all levels of the organization.