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HANNA Spotlight - SLAC Student of the Month

#HANNASpotlight is a project designed to honor the exciting teaching & learning happening in the Susquehanna Township School District each month. 

Student of the Month at SLAC

On the last Wednesday of every month, SLAC celebrates their Students of the Month. Each homeroom or advisor teacher nominates one student to be celebrated based on the PBIS principles: Bee Safe, Bee Respectful, Bee Responsible. Awardees receive a certificate and recognition from the administration and their peers.

For students, receiving this recognition is great! What makes this celebration even more special is the students get to do an activity that gives back to others in our community. Teaching about giving back has become a cornerstone of the student of the month program. Since 2016, the students of the month have created gifts given to people in the community as a way to say "thank you" , or  “we are thinking about you”. Over the years, students have sent gifts to staff in the district, local retirement homes and the police and fire departments. They have also reached the larger community- following a hurricane, students stuffed pencil boxes to be sent to a school that was destroyed. Some of these projects are pictured.

Projects incorporate using donated and recycled items. One of the district's Core Values is: "Community Partnerships are Vital to Our Success". We want to thank the SLAC PTO, HANNA Foundation, and Brookfield Bible Church for partnering with SLAC to support its Student of the Month program.

SLAC Student of the Month (4)
SLAC Student of the Month (1)
SLAC Student of the Month (2)
SLAC Student of the Month (3)
SLAC Student of the Month (5)