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Goals and Evaluation

Pursuant to §1073.1(b.1) of Pennsylvania’s Public School Code of 1949, the Board of School Directors is required to post the mutually agreed upon objective performance standards contained in the superintendent’s contract on the school district’s publicly accessible internet website. Upon completion of the annual performance assessment, the Board of School Directors is required to post the date of the assessment and whether or not the district superintendent has met the objective performance standards on the school district’s publicly accessible internet website.

The Board of School Directors met in executive session on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, to review its evaluation of the Superintendent's performance standards and four (4) evaluation categories. On behalf of the Board of School Directors, the Personnel Committee met with Dr. Willis on June 30, 2023, to deliver the Board's evaluation of the Superintendent's performance standards to her. Posted below are Dr. Willis' evaluation categories and assessment for the 2022-2023 school year.

Evaluation/Performance Standard/Categories:


Performance expectations related to vision, motivation, support of the district’s mission, organizational goals, comprehensive planning, leadership, and professional development.

The superintendent works to determine program effectiveness, the attainment of annual and long-term academic and financial goals and ensures best practices for instruction and management.


Performance expectations related to the daily operations and functions of the school district, as well as superintendent expertise in employee relations-related activities.

The superintendent can manage effectively, utilizing a thorough understanding of the district’s budget and educational resources, appropriately allocates all resources, and effectively communicates/collaborates internally and externally with staff, school board and community-based stakeholders.


The superintendent works effectively with the board to monitor and create organizational policies and demonstrates appropriate leadership and governance of the school district.


Performance expectations related to professional ethics including individual morality and appropriate value systems and growth of the superintendent.

The superintendent models professional decision-making processes and ethical standards that are consistent with the values of Pennsylvania’s public education system as well as that of the Susquehanna Township community. The superintendent additionally works to individually reflect upon her effectiveness within the role and works to improve effectiveness through the use of professional development literature and activities. The superintendent in conducting her duties and interacting with the stakeholders demonstrates work attitudes that reflect high levels of initiative, dependability and productivity.

The Superintendent has met the 2022-23 Objective Performance Standards.