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Superintendent Lead Faith-Based Advisory


On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Dr. Tamara Willis, Superintendent of Susquehanna Township School District, and leaders of 9 congregations met for the district’s Faith-Based Advisory. This innovative approach to ensuring the success of every learner was established by Dr. Willis and the goal is to develop partnerships with multiple stakeholder groups to address the social emotional challenges impacting our community.

“Many of our students and families face homelessness, food insecurity, and significant social emotional issues that impact our ability to educate students effectively. We recognize that community partnerships are vital to our success and inviting faith-based organizations within and surrounding the Township is an innovative way for the district to address these issues head-on”, said Dr. Willis.

Yesterday’s meeting was the first of four scheduled for this school year. The district will continue to forge partnerships with community members to help provide critical access to services that will support the economic, educational, and social emotional needs of families.

For more information on the district’s Faith-Based Advisory, please contact Ms. Ann-Marie Rathmell, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at (717) 657-5100.