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Parent Crisis Communication Overview



As the district continues to review and refine its overall communication plan, we are providing this letter to serve as a reference during unforeseen events such as severe weather delays/closures, emergency evacuations and other large-scale matters of student safety.


Should an emergency occur, we are prepared to provide our students, staff, parents and school community timely, accurate and honest information.


Because information moves so rapidly as a result of advancing technology, one inaccurate email or text message can spark rumors, create unnecessary panic or make a real emergency much worse. In the case of an emergency, we ask that you remember to look for accurate information from the District. Click HERE for directions on how to update your contact information or visit the district’s website at and select the “Campus for Parents” tab on our homepage. We will deliver messages via these services:


Campus Messenger

During an emergency, we can reach parents/guardians at each school site and throughout the entire district through our Campus Messenger System. Please be sure to provide us with the following information that we may use during an emergency:

  • Email Address: This email address will receive notifications during an emergency.
  • Phone Calls: This phone number will receive voice calls during an emergency.
  • Text Messages: This phone number will receive text messages during an emergency.


  • The District’s webpage has an “Emergency Alert Pop Up” that displays on the homepage. Our web address is   

Social Media

Local Media

We will work closely with the local media to keep our community informed of the situation. The District will provide regular updates to the following media outlets: 

  • WGAL 8 (NBC)  
  • WHP 21 (CBS)  
  • WHTM 27 (ABC)  
  • WPMT 43 (FOX) 


Particularly in the case of an emergency, we ask that you do not contact the school’s main line. For the sake of student safety, we must keep these lines open for use by regional safety officials. Please refer to the services mentioned above for information and instructions from the District.


To help ensure campus safety and security, we have a full crisis preparedness and communications plan working with other agencies, and you have a role too: Please make sure that we have the best phone number and email address to reach you. Also, please remember to turn to our official sources of information on situations, so we do not complicate an emergency with rumors.



In partnership,



Dr. Tamara Willis,