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Special Video Message from Dr. Tamara Willis



Please CLICK HERE to view a special video message from Dr. Tamara Willis, STSD Superintendent of Schools. A written transcript of the video message is posted below.




Dear Susquehanna Township School District Families,


I am Tamara Willis, Superintendent of schools and I am coming to you today to share a few thoughts and hopefully, provide a bit support as we continue to wrestle with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
As we enter the second week of our state mandated closure, I want to acknowledge the tremendous challenges that our closure has placed on you as families and no doubt, our students. Closing our schools was a single action that has had a ripple effect, the likes of which I have never seen in my career as an educator. For some of you, our closure has caused great financial strain in terms of childcare and meeting your basic needs now that your children are home all day. For others, the pressure has come in the form of now having to teach Algebra 1, phonics and science. Add to this, the anxiety that we all feel as we watch the number of confirmed cases grow in our state, our region and most recently, our county.


As difficult as this past week has been, I am confident that we will get through this. We continue to seek guidance from the Department of Education as it works with the Department of Health and will continue to provide you with regular updates as they become available to us. As of the date of this recording, we are unsure if our closure will extend beyond these 10 days. However, our team has been busy planning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year as we await a final word from the State.


To my seniors, you are probably the most anxious of all, wondering if you will experience the milestones of prom, yearbook signing, and a graduation ceremony with friends and family. This is not your fault. You have done nothing wrong and we are so very proud of you. We will do our very best to restore a sense of normalcy to your senior year, so hang in there.


Thank you all for what you are doing to keep our students safe. Please take some time to care for yourselves and know that we appreciate you as partners in this fight. The HANNA Family is a strong family and we will get through this. Be safe and be well. Thank you.


In partnership,

Tamara Willis, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools