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Onsite COVID-19 Testing Now Available



We are excited to announce that the District has partnered with Quest Diagnostics to provide COVID-19 testing to students and staff. Please CLICK HERE to watch an information video on the testing process.



A highly accurate molecular nucleic acid amplification test, or NAAT, is being used. The NAAT is greater than 90% sensitive and greater than 90% specific. This means that less than 10% of COVID-19 infections will be missed, and less than 10% of false positives will occur. 



The NAAT uses a nasal swab that can be administered by the parent or guardian, school nurse, or self-administered, all under observation of the nurse.



Students showing symptoms that meet criteria for a potential COVID-19 infection, and those who have had a confirmed close contact will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 test. Parents will be required to complete the Student Reporting Form to indicate symptoms and/or close contact. A member of the Pandemic Response Team will follow up to contact trace and provide instructions on testing.



The test will be offered at no out-of-pocket cost. However, parents and guardians will need to complete a consent form and provide information about their insurance card to receive the test. Federal funding will cover the cost of the test for parents and guardians who do not have insurance. The test results will take between two and five days to get back. The school nurse will call the parent or guardian when the test results are available. Parents and guardians can also access the results on the Quest secure online portal or app. The results will be made available to the school physician, the nurse and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.



Please remember to always complete the Student Reporting Form if you have been notified that your child had an exposure or if they have symptoms.