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Voluntary Student Medical Insurance Program

Susquehanna Township School District offers a voluntary student medical insurance program for students injured during and outside of the school day. When considering the current medical insurance market many parents/guardians are likely to have high deductible less comprehensive medical insurance benefits plans. The STSD offered student accident medical insurance plan is intended to provide secondary coverage to address those primary insurance provider unpaid student accident related medical insurance costs, inclusive of unpaid deductibles.


Additionally, in the event that a parent/guardian is without medical insurance the offered program is considered to be primary coverage. Benefits are payable for covered medical expenses from the first dollar, no deductible, no coinsurance in accordance with identified covered expenses.


Click Here to download the Insurance Packet.  It contains further explanation of the district offered voluntary student accident medical insurance program including both how to enroll in the program, as well as, file claims in the event it is necessary to do so. 


The two available options/types of coverage and annual premium cost are identified below. The insurance is available to students for enrollment at any time during the 2018-2019 school year.

  • School Time Coverage: Cost $22.00 per student – This program covers injury occurring while the student is traveling to and from school, while attending school sponsored activities such as plays, assemblies, class trips, intramural sports, gym and physical education classes, etc.

  • 24 Hour Coverage: $88.00 per student – This program covers all of the above, plus accidents occurring away from school, in the evenings and on weekends, vacations, etc.