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Cadet Teaching Program

The Cadet Teacher Program is designed to provide high school juniors and seniors with extensive classroom experiences to help them make informed decisions about careers in education. For a portion of their school day, learners work in Sara Lindemuth/Anna Carter Primary School's (K-2), where they receive high school credit while engaged in on-the-job training.

The program's objectives are designed to empower learners by allowing them to explore various aspects of the teaching profession. Participants delve into teachers' responsibilities and professional roles, explore diverse career options within education, and observe effective teaching practices firsthand.

Learners develop an understanding of human growth and development relevant to learning, allowing them to develop and demonstrate essential teaching skills. Additionally, participants gain insight into school structures and policies and engage in discussions on critical issues in education.

Our Cadet Teaching Program has garnered significant recognition, with district staff being invited to share its success with surrounding school leaders at prestigious events such as the 2024 Pennsylvania Association of School Administrator’s (PASA) PLUS Caucus, the Aspiring Teacher's Summit hosted by Shippensburg University, and the Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania Educator's Diversity Consortium (PEDC). Moreover, the Shippensburg Superintendents' Study Council honored the program as an Exemplary Program this year.

The Cadet Teacher Program will  also be featured in the #PANeedsTeachers Solutions Playbook—a compilation of blueprint programs addressing the teacher shortage across Pennsylvania. This recognition underscores the program's effectiveness in preparing future educators and its potential to serve as a model for similar initiatives statewide.